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Who our Tutors are.

We source academically talented, subject specific, specialists

We source Tutors, who also are very close to the pressures, and issues that face young adults, striving for the very best exam results.

We interview our Tutors

We interview our Tutors, we get to know them and pick best ones who eventually become Edinburgh Tutors.

We offer home tutoring

Our Tutors provide tuition predominantly in the client's home, so your child feels comfortable in their familiar space. We can also tutor at mutually agreed venues such as university or publick library, quite cafes, and that can be agreed between a parent and Tutor directly.

 We pay our Tutors

We pay our Tutors monthly, on submission of tuition reports. We pay on time, every time. Our rates of pay for students are 50% more than the living wage and more than three times the minimum wage.

We invoice parents after the tuition

You don't pay upfront.  You will be invoiced monthly, after tuition has taken place. You can send a cheque or arrange bank transfer. You will only pay for what's been received from the Tutor.

We are a phone call or email away

We answer the phone or call back. Emails are also responded to quickly.  The person responding is Alicja McIntyre, who is a real person not an automated service. Our addresses are at the top of every page.

We think carefully about your needs and are always willing to talk over bespoke solutions

Want to talk over what kind of tuition plan might work best and with no obligation or pressure?

Fill in the contact form on the home page or call Alicja on 01314507081 or 07917454473

Just want to let you know that Jonathan achieved his 3 A's and is over the moon. Obviously we're thrilled and just want to congratulate David on his outstanding tutoring in Biology. Last summer Jonathan was sitting on a C at AS and David has brought him up to an A grade in all 5 modules. We couldn't have asked for better! You have a very special student there and we wish him enormous success in his field of medicine.


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