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The Edinburgh Tutors System

►Exam success is dependent on 3 pillars;


1. A 'wide and deep' understanding of the syllabus content, is the first requirement.  Knowledge gaps or a lack of understanding, not only put students at risk in exams, but also impact negatively on general confidence in the subject.


2. The knowledge and skill to organise, prioritise and plan study; Even very smart students can find themselves overwhelmed by the subject and the syllabus workload, leading to panic, a collapse in confidence and poor results.


3. Exam Technique; how to answer the questions fully, concisely, to the point and in a way that immediately resonates and pleases the examiners. Top achievers are practised at "acing" exams. It's a skill that comes from practice and knowledge.


We understand and are guided by these 3 pillars of success and our tutors are selected to be able to deliver tuition and guidance to optimise exam results. Contact us for a free and informal consultation, if we can help we will, if we can't we'll say so and give you our best advice.

►We listen before we advise a tailored session plan.

First we determine what help is needed to achieve the desired outcomes, then tailor tuition based on the following possibilities:

  • 1 hour per week per subject: Hourly sessions are mainly used at Primary level or if a tutee feels the 1.5 hour session is too much.
  • 1.5 hours / week per subject : We've found this to be the optimum formula for successful tuition, and it suits most students. The timing is long enough to cover a lot of new ground each session, and weekly sessions mean that the course is intensive while leaving time for the student's other commitments.
  • 2 hours / week per subject : If starting tuition from January onwards, or if your child is really lacking confidence, we'd recommend this more intensive programme.

Tuition with Edinburgh Tutors is therefore built around weekly sessions to maximise learning and commitment from the student. Around an hour's homework will be set per subject per week. This amount can be varied to suit the student's workload. In saying that, the length and frequency of sessions can be arranged with the Tutor direclty, as he or she will be best to give you suggestions after meeting your child and assesing their abiltiy.

  • Exam-focused -  Past papers are a key element of our tutoring technique. We also work closely with students' schoolwork, ensuring that everything learned in the tutoring session is useful in the classroom.
  • Flexible -  We fully appreciate that sometimes you may need to miss a session, and here of course we are flexible: your tutor will try to re-arrange a time to suit you.
  • Affordable Quality -  The charges for an Edinburgh Tutor is inclusive and starts at £33hr, and we will guarantee this price for the duration of your tuition. You will be invoiced directly on a monthly basis at the end of each calendar month. There are no other charges or extras.

    We're sure that like many of our parents (read what parents and students say) you will find tuition with us to be an invaluable boost to your child's confidence and education.

Rebecca was an excellent tutor, and Helen benefitted a lot from her time with her.

Ann-Marie Edinburgh

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