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Meet Laura, one of our Primary Tutors

29 Oct 2018
Looking for a primary teacher? Look no further. Laura is happy to help with challenges of primary education.

How tutoring is tailored to meet your child needs

22 Oct 2018
The purpose of tutoring is to help your child to help themselves so that they can achieve their own academic goals.


9 Oct 2018
Biology Lessons to engage your pupils

Effective studying: Get the Basics Right

3 Oct 2018
We were looking at some articles on effective study techniques and came across this very sound bit of advice :

How Do I Even Start to Find the Right Tutor

27 Sep 2018
Independent, Agency or Online? Which one is best for my child?


My son has certainly found Jonas to be great and a super help. He is a really nice young man. Fingers crossed for the exams!

D. N. Edinburgh

Edinburgh Tutors

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