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6 Nov 2018


A tuition agency relies on students needing to achieve qualifications and grades. However we firmly believe that qualificatons, while they are essential for progress in some fields, are only a part of the jigsaw. It seems that Richard Branson agrees with us. In this post published by Insights For Professionals, he highlights the fact that personality is the critical factor. Personality cannot be learned and Branson point out the need to use an element of gut instinct in assessing it. If you are stressing about qualifications, have a read and get them into perspective.

If you are working towards a career where qualifications are indeed an essential and you need help, give us a call. One of our tutors may just be able to help you.


I can't emphasise enough just how much we love Miss Robbie. She has taken my son on the most miraculous and fantastic educational journey and he adores her (as I do).  Miss Robbie has such a special gift, an empathy and understanding of a child's mind.  She is truly unique and incredibly precious.

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