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Free Online Tutorials : Limited Number Available

10 Dec 2018

How would free online tutorials help your exam revision? Hopefully school or public exams are going well. For many of you the end is at least in sight however you or a friend may still be up to the neck in revision and stressing about a subject or topic… a little bit of help, specific to your questions and concerns, may be all that is needed to get you on track and help your confidence and improve your results.

Edinburgh Tutors is offering a free one hour recorded online tutorial to the first 5 people who respond to this post by emailing with your best contact phone number and the subject and level (Nat5 or Highers) with which you would like help. We will call you back and explain what you need to do to get started. There are no strings, no commitments – all we ask for is your honest feedback about the experience and the tutor you choose. The tutorial may be booked for a time an date of your choosing (subject to tutor availability of course!) before 30th December. Email us now or let a friend know about this opportunity!

I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Ian for all his help. My daughter went into her Biology exam feeling much more confident and very supported after all the work he did with her. His logical, thorough approach suited her very well and helped her to move through the revision syllabus easily. She also thoroughly enjoyed working with him every week as he made the lessons a very positive experience.


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