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11 Jan 2019

Benjamin Clayton’s article in the TES last week highlights the importance of factors outside the school on delivering an effective learning experience.

In addition to the fundamental need for a safe and secure home in which to study and be supported in learning, the article points out the  importance of good transport links, not just between home and school but between school, home and the carers’ workplace.

We at Edinburgh Tutors found the article interesting and we concur with the points being raised. We also got a tad irritated. Not with Mr Clayton or the TES but with the wider academic infrastructure.

The students whose learning is affected by the problems identified in the article are more often than not living in tough circumstances. They are de facto also likely to be missing out on another resource that may play a positive contribution to an effective learning experience – private tuition. Realtime Tutors believe that all parties – tuition companies, schools, government – should be contributing to bringing accessible private tuition to more disadvantaged students who are considered to be likely to benefit from this kind of support.

We are actively looking for an academic partner or partners to work with us to trial a free or low cost tuition programme specifically for students from disadvantaged homes. Numeracy among 16+ students who have not attained a Grade C or above in GCSE Maths is our subject of choice because this is an educational priority. Tuition would be delivered online, so students who lack a suitable home environment for study could use school computers and study in an appropriate environment.

If you are interested in potentially partnering with Edinburgh Tutors to in an initial trial to assess how effective such an intervention might be, please do contact us!

I am just emailing you to let you know that my daughter had her last biology session with Graham this week as she was now finished her O' Levels. I just wanted to say how delighted we have been with Graham and we would recommend him to anyone. He has been reliable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in our home and we are delighted with the level of service you have provided for us.

J.M. Newcastle

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