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Exam Stress : Do Practical New Solutions Exist?

8 May 2018

Exam stress is not new. The most effective strategies for managing exam stress tend not to be new either. However try explaining that to a teenager who rolls their eyes and sighs at the pathetic lack of originality shown by their despairing parents. Finding solutions to exam stress that they have not come across a dozen times before and that are not gimmicks is not easy.  That’s why we like Sian Rowland’s approaches which were featured as a TES Pick earlier this year.

For example, Sian suggests that the student starts by picking the three things that are the main causes of their exam stress.This helps the student to break down their anxieties. The simple act of defining the causes can help make the overwhelming sense of anxiety become less daunting. (They may not even be able to think of 3 causes!). When they have done that, have them come up with 3 simple actions they can take right now to help tackle each source of their exam stress – you may have to help them with this. Looking at practical solutions also helps alleviate the anxiety as the student sees that they can actually do something about it. They are no longer just dwelling on a huge, indeterminate weight but taking action about specific, defined and therefore more manageable issues.

Many of the tuition enquiries we receive at Edinburgh Tutors are about help with specific aspects of study, revision, time management, confidence,  and many other sources of anxiety for the student. That's why we have developed the Study Skills programme, an individual coaching plan to help develop productive study habits that address the student’s individual study problems in a way that works for their personality.

I just wanted to thank you Alicja and Fiona very much for helping my son get through his subject which had become a real block for him. He has just started Higher English and seems to be enjoying it. Fingers crossed!

T.W. Edinburgh

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