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Effective studying: Get the Basics Right

3 Oct 2018

We were looking at some articles on effective study techniques and came across this very sound bit of advice :

“If there’s one enemy of a good memory, it’s disorganisation. A cluttered working space with unfiled notes here, there and everywhere; a notepad filled with scrawl on numerous different subjects with no particular order; a poor computer filing system. All these spell disaster for your ability to recall facts in the exam room. So, start by getting yourself organised. Tidy your room, or whichever space you’re using for studying. Get your notes organised neatly into different subjects. Physically decluttering and bringing about order in your environment has the strange effect of doing the same to the mind (perhaps there is something in feng shui), making you far better able to cope with memorising and recalling facts.” (Oxford Royale Academy)

Are you (or is your teenager) spectacularly messy? If so maybe it’s time for a rethink…? On the other side of the coin however, are you hiding using your need to get organised as an excuse not to get into serious study? There’s a happy medium….

I just wanted to thank you Alicja and Fiona very much for helping my son get through his subject which had become a real block for him. He has just started Higher English and seems to be enjoying it. Fingers crossed!

T.W. Edinburgh

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